Hacky new year, makyier vœux !

Oops, bubbles of champagne are still burbling in my brain. I wish you good luck and full achievement of your projects in 2016.


At the present time, a team of 4 members of HL2 group (The company that I co-funded 3 years ago) is attending the CES in las VEGAS (Hall G, booth 82122) along with the large delegation of the French Tech.

Arduinoos will keep on being a place for sharing information, ideas, code, schematics, news, tricks, etc. I will also give you some feedback about Quai-Lab, a local FabLab that I also co-funded along with Sébastien Bonnifet (Head of Cevad and Creatic which is managing the logistics of the PlainDSP kits) and some other techno enthusiast. You may meet Quai-Lab during the now famous Gamer Assembly next Easter in Poitiers / France. As a side effect of my Presidency of the Calibra-Classic car club, you may hear about the DOCbox project (Diagnstic Opel Calibra box) a nice little autonomous tool which will read the specific early ODB 1 (aka ALDL) ECUs from GM…

Enough to keep a man busy 😉


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