The bi-bi binary code

Most of us know that many scientists are also artists: Da Vinci was an eminent painter, Samuel F.B. Morse spent much of his life as a painter too, many early anthropologists and naturalists were excellent at sketching and coloring their observations. Nothing too much too surprising anyway, as many scientist share the taste for imagination, innovation, creativity with artists.

And there are artists who are amazing scientists too. I discovered one by pure chance while looking for the lyrics of a song from my young ages.

What would have happened if the war had not crossed Robert Jean-François Joseph Pascal Lapointe’s (mostly known as Boby Lapointe) destiny ?

A fighter jet test pilot as he dreamed about when he was a kid ? Or a computer scientist ? Anyway, the fact is that he invented a binary notation of its own. Which is easy. I will not teach you anything about the three first line. The key for reading binary lies in the cell L4C2. The corresponding sign compares to the trace left by a sliding finger.


Using this notation, we can now state that ” bibi plus koka equal hahoho” ! Hu hu hu, very funny. Funnier and shorter than “One hundred and nineteen plus one hundred and thirty seven equal deux hundred and fifty six”, isn’t it ?

Enjoy !

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