What a shame !

I recently reactivated my Facebook account in order to express my opinions during the last campaign for the election of the French Republic President. Well, I am not naive and I know by experience (I have been myself a candidate for the house of Parliament) that a campaign may be (very) trash. However, what struck me this time is how stupidity can spam the information shared by people from this “social” network. I deactivated my account right after reading and absolutely disgusting mess of slurs poured on Cedric Villani, one of the most brilliant minds of this time. How come absolute nerds write such bullshit on someone they do not really know, probably never heard and that will surely never ever read ? How come citizen can blame a scientist for his passion for spiders just because he pretends to represent the people from his place and share his vision on developing scientific culture  ?

I would not be surprise that none of these persons have the least idea about how computer protection works and how thankful they ought to be to the mathematicians who’s science is right behind our encryption algorithms. It is likely that without their help, we would all be naked in front of hackers these days.

This episode should remind us about the nasty declaration “Whenever I hear the word ‘culture’…I release the safety on my pistol!.”. How far are we from adding the word ‘science’ to the dictionary of rude men and women ?

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