Memories from my first trips in Silicon Valley

As I was tidying my electronic components, I found an untouched plastic bag containing an DC that I bought a loooooooong time ago in San Jose.

At this time, some friendly colleagues from SID (HP Scientific Instruments Division located in California Avenue) drove me to some great places around Palo Alto, including some electronic shops such as Fry’s and JDP Mocrodevices¬†(They knew that electronics was one of my hobbies). Although I was leaving next to Paris and having access to electronic shops, I was amazed by the huge variety of components available, and above all, this was the first time I could buy components just like in a supermarket.¬†I brought back a bag of them, including this TI DAC0800 analog to digital converter that I did not use finally. Surprisingly, they are still available at a slightly lower price that in the 80’s and not taking into consideration the changes in the value of money.

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