By all means

By all means let’s stop the covid-19!

The heroes are those who stay home, in small flats, with nervous kids, noisy neighbors, low stocks of toilet paper and plenty kindness through the networks.

The action men and women keep the ball rolling, feed us, power our phones and care about us. They deserve as much help as we all can, if we can. Some bring them comfort in a noisy manner at 8:00 PM, some are sewing masks (that’s what my sister does!), some others print face shields for medics and professionals. A group of local makers set up an organisation in order to federate the good will of local owners of 3D printers. I volunteered immediately and here I am printing frames!

If you are living in Poitiers’s area France, you may contact this group through their Facebook account or by mail at [m a s q u e 3 d 8 6 @ g m a i l . c o m].

At a rate of 1 frame per hour, I expect to deliver at least a dozen units per day ;-). Next is a picture of one of the earliest product

Breaking news: Production line live !

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