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First serious failure…
After exactly 4 years of regular use, I experienced the first failure which is due to an aged component.

Although Peek is a very strong material, it did not sustain any longer the thermal strength which it endured for years. This critical part is responsible for guiding the “cold” filament down to the heated nozzle so that a gradient from ambient temperature up to 210 ° and more is observed next to its threads. It is easy to give advises once you know the consequences of some flaws, however, this is a well known principle that parts must be massive around the temperature dissipation points… In this case, the designers did the opposite and this is breakage is surely not a big surprise.

As a result of this breakage, a leak of thawed PLA occurred and finally clogged the extruding stage creating no dramatic further damage. The lesson learned from this unfortunate event that no extra stress should be applied to this part and consequently avoid over-tightening of the nozzle to the insulator.

PS: In the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, I ordered a spare part one month ago which is still “somewhere” at La Poste. I managed to get an other one from Okaphone in the Netherlands which was brought by the the PostNL and everything went well, right in time. The Covid-19 crisis cannot explain the disorganization at La Poste which seems to be endemic since a long time; check this tracking records which is a pure example of non sense:


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