nano_iot (Part 2)

Part 1, 2

This nano_iot_network is so exciting and time consuming that I am neglecting my publications which may soon tend to be a road movie across the world of IoT. It seems to me that this project is a digest of all the matters I covered over my carrier. I gain from this experience the knowledge of the pitfalls, of the short cuts, good practices and most appropriate options.
This is however a very challenging project as I must handle all by myself all aspects of it: from hardware to software, from communication to energy saving, from cryptology to data analysis, from sensors to enclosing, from operating system to documentation. So far, the main technological options are set and I launched the production for a few nano_iot_device ULP and a nano_iot_gateway. As I want to avoid multiples iterations in my publications, I am waiting for the final tests before starting the release of a quite large number of posts.

So far, up to 11 sensors are spread other the house, the garden and the garage, gathering data from various sensors: soil moisture, temperature, atmospheric pressure, air humidity, power meter, vibrations, and ultimately voltage from the battery of my “young timer” resting in the garage. Next sensors shall measure solar radiation, presence, rain, sounds. All these sensors will plug to a standardized platform using a set of specialized interface: lots of fun ahead !

If you want to be part of the game, just drop me a mail and I will glad to get back to you and see how we can cooperate.

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