What is Arduinoos about ?
Arduinoos is a combination and contraction of “Arduino” name of the now famous development platform and the greek word “noos” which means “spirit”.

Arduinoos is a private initiative dedicated to the development of all sorts of projects based on Arduino. The idea behind Arduinoos is to stick to the minimalist and open design of the Arduino platform and see how far its performances can be pushed, using the fewest components, using the least power and writing the most refined code.

The aim of Arduinoos is to share knowledge more than delivering turn key applications. However, all the published material has been tested prior to the release of posts, and updates are permanently published when optimization/modifications/corrections are brought to the original design. You will find there series of papers describing various functions and applications along with the key hardware and software components. Code is available under copyleft conditions on simple request. Many Libraries are already available (all starting with the “Plain” prefix) as well as fully tested and operational applications (all starting with the “Micro” or the “Ludo” prefix).

Feel free to pass your comments and suggestions in order to help improving Arduinoos.


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  1. Mark Jones says:

    Hi, I’ve been corresponding on your blog about the DDS. I’m trying to construct an Arduino based signal generator to calibrate my EEG equipment. You mentioned that you’re planning to post the code in the download area, and I’m very interested (and appreciative). You can see from my website (DIY section) that I’m somewhat familiar with the Arduino. Thanks, Mark

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