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Thoughts of the day

I read in the news that the FBI (with a little help from his friends) managed to hack an iPhone which might contain valuable information for tracking some bloody devils. “We no longer need Apple assistance” for breaking the safety locks declared the Department Of Justice. This is the end point of a legal dispute between authorities […]

Gamer Assembly 2016

For the second time in two consecutive years, the Gamer Assembly shelters a Makers Space dedicated to the local FabLabs. As a key player in this domain, Quai-Lab displays its current projects: Energyvore a fully original robots game featuring wireless remotely control funny robots which try to collect energy and bring as much of this energy to their […]

The bi-bi binary code

Most of us know that many scientists are also artists: Da Vinci was an eminent painter, Samuel F.B. Morse spent much of his life as a painter too, many early anthropologists and naturalists were excellent at sketching and coloring their observations. Nothing too much too surprising anyway, as many scientist share the taste for imagination, innovation, creativity with artists. […]

The “Dirty” and the “Clean” codes

No piece of code can claim to have such notoriety. Just a few lines of code buried in a silicon chip beneath a metallic bonnet have the effect of an atomic bomb over the whole planet. Here at arduinoos, we managed to get a copy of these lines of code. bool a = IsBonnetSwitchOpen(); bool b = […]

Hacky new year, makyier vœux !

Oops, bubbles of champagne are still burbling in my brain. I wish you good luck and full achievement of your projects in 2016. At the present time, a team of 4 members of HL2 group (The company that I co-funded 3 years ago) is attending the CES in las VEGAS (Hall G, booth 82122) along […]

Xmas presents

Well I hope all of you received at least a little present from their relatives. 40 years ago I got a very special Xmas present. Packed in a slim box was a bunch of strange pieces of metal and plastic (looking) nicely presented in a carved polystyrene shell. “Of course, Phlips wouldn’t leave you with a bunch […]

Thoughts of the day

Recent news struck some deep thoughts which have been rambling on my mind for a long time. A new tycoon announces that he will join the the gozinerous section from the gozillionaires club. That is great. And I mean it. Spending money on education, welfare, better life is indisputably knowledgeable. What questions me is the model. […]

Blog of the day

This one made my own day 😉 XKCD And this specific board is so interesting: Have you noticed the “Arduino, just for blog cred. ? I often give the advise to the people who are looking for high tech, brand new, amazingly awesome stuff to add the “arduino” word to their google search. This board is […]

FAQ of the day

If your question lies in the following list, well, you must have a look at this amazing FAQ How can a 3D surface be reconstructed from a collection of points? How can I aim a camera in a specific direction? How can I compute the volume of a polyhedron? How can I decompose a polyhedron […]

Unwanted pop ups: I should have read the terms of use…

Well, in a sense, I should have read all the terms of use from the “sweetCAPTCHA” plugin. “5.2 You acknowledge that within the sweetCAPTCHA service and/or sweetCAPTCHA API, There might be included 3rd party content which will be displayed for the purpose of user interaction. This content might include but will not be limited to […]