This blog contains various types of Arduino based projects for which you will find an introduction describing the principles of operation followed by more or less exhaustive descriptions of hardware and software. No warranty, no claims, just fun.

Tips and Tricks

These posts contain the Tricks and Tips that I could not find on the Internet! I hope you will find them useful for solving these bl%$#?%£dy problems which make our developer’s life so exciting! Tips and tricks are daisy chained so that you can read them for some self teaching or you may use the search function (top right text box) using “tip” and some keyword if you look for something special.

Frist T&T


  1. Tim says:

    I am new to Arduino … my digital experance was 7400 series TTL. I am just looking at what can be done in small packages. My current interest is DC and Stepper Motors and adding position sensor feedback.
    Thanks, your site is very nice. I would like to down code code from your site.


    • Didier says:

      Hi Tim,
      Welcome to the world of Arduino. I think that you will find exactly what you are looking for: “Power in small package”. I am myself from the TTL world (that was a long time go), and you will be happy to notice that the boolean algebra is still valid! Please follow the instructions, and send me a mail in order to get the password to get access tomy code.

  2. blinkenlight says:

    Cool stuff. If you are looking for cool stuff that can be implemented with just 20 LEDs have a look at my experiments

  3. andycrofts says:

    Epic fail, I’m afraid.
    Wanted to read about the 1-led voltmeter, but…
    “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”
    Obviously logged in, if you get this mail….
    (Sigh. Why try to be clever?)

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