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Although very handy for basic applications, you may soon or later want to get rid of the basic timing functions from Arduino and start using advanced timing featuring better accuracy and avoid time consuming waiting loops. There are several approaches to achieve this goal. Firstly, you may explore the web and try to find some information of interest. […]

[HOWTO] PlainDSP audio shield: M2M Communication system

The Critical Tinkers team recently achieved an amazing application based on the plaindsp kit. The M2M protocol they developed provides a smart way to send information to an Arduino board using a plaindsp audio shield from any sound emitting device (e.g. a cell phone). Next video is a teaser which demonstrates the principle of operation, as long […]

Cool Stuff of the Day

Cardboard Record Personal Turntable by GGRP Sound! Back to the Teppaz (Frenchy joke!)

Cool Stuff of the Day

Card Radio “Card RadioThe internals are housed in a simple card structure which can be recycled at the end of the product’s life. The radio is one of the major sources of music worldwide and there is nothing that can replace a conventional radio. The radios are back into fashion and people are going for […]